About Storage-Backup-Archive.com

In recent years, the conventional storage price drop was spectacular. In the same time, data growth rate tends to become exponential. The Service Level Agreement requirements have changed the IT environment. More storage is desired, because is now cheap, storage limits tend to become a thing of the past, and no processing bottlenecks are accepted. In this new environment, efficient storage management is a must.

New technologies like Data Deduplication and Storage Virtualization are real helpers in managing storage efficiently. However, they also make the storage architecture more complex.

That is why we thought it might be useful to put together a site about storage backup and archive, handbook style.

All of us we are computer "users", using a workstation at work, and a home computer, so we thought we would also touch some things about the personal computers backup and archiving.

We would very much appreciate any feedback about the site.

Thank you.

The Storage-Backup-Archive Team.